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Concrete Floor Finishing

Our Floors Are The Flattest And Most Durable In Town

We’re obsessed with delivering the sturdiest, flattest floors because we understand that the quality of a building’s flooring system can influence its occupants’ productivity. If that sounds far-fetched, consider that some of our clients operate and maintain sophisticated manufacturing equipment that must always function perfectly. Even the slightest shift in a floor’s grade can cause such machinery to deliver less than perfect results.

Duron Services Ltd. has installed millions of square feet of concrete floors in every type of industrial, commercial and institutional building; from hockey rinks, car dealerships and aircraft hangars; to warehousing, production and manufacturing facilities. We offer a range of advanced concrete-flooring solutions to ensure levelness, performance and durability.

Our heavy-duty floors are designed for use in high-traffic, high-abrasion environments, such as equipment shops. They feature advanced topping and hardening materials, as well as specialized bonding topping techniques. And they simply do not wear out.

Using steel fibre reinforcing and floor hardeners, Duron can deliver floors that withstand wear longer and carry static and dynamic loads better than untreated floors. We can also install attractive, slip-resistant floor finishes specifically for our retail clients.

When it comes to concrete floors, Duron Services Ltd. can ensure your company plays and works on the flattest, most durable floors in the game. Call us.