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Structural Rehabilitation

We deliver thorough, professional repairs

Anyone who lives in Eastern Ontario can appreciate the severity of our winters. Over time, harsh conditions can erode unprotected, poorly drained concrete structures and their reinforcing steel systems. In the best cases, structures crack. In the worst cases, they fail.

Duron Services Ltd. offers a complete line of concrete-restoration services to restore and reinforce a wide variety of exterior concrete structures, such as: parking garages, roofs, balconies, bridge decks and industrial floors.

On any restoration project, we can:

  • Remove failed concrete and reinforcing steel
  • R​​​​replace embedded structural, mechanical and electrical systems
  • Repair expansion joints, wall, columns and soffits
  • Recommend and install the most appropriate concrete systems
  • Apply durable waterproofing or traffic-topping systems 
  • Restore landscaping and hardscaping features

Duron Services Ltd. has a proven history of restoring exterior concrete structures. No matter the site, no matter the conditions, call us. We’re the concrete-restoration specialists.