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Waterproofing / Roofing

We’ll Get You Covered

Although water is an essential component of all life on Earth, it’s one of the worst enemies of any building. Over time, it erodes materials and destroys structures.

Duron Services Ltd. offers a complete line of waterproofing systems to protect concrete from water erosion. No matter the type of non-residential building, our team of professionals will ensure any structure is sealed tightly for years to come. We apply and maintain liquid- and solid-membrane waterproofing technologies that are designed and developed by some of the industry’s largest and most reputable manufacturers. Our portfolio includes:

Hot rubberized membranes

Versatile, flexible, durable and cost effective, few waterproofing systems match the performance of hot-applied liquid rubberized membranes. These products are ideal for foundation and roof-deck applications because of their ability to bond tightly and seal cracks.

Cold-applied liquid membranes

Duron Services Ltd. recommends cold applied liquid membranes for use in confined spaces or occupied facilities. The systems are easily and quickly installed and offer exceptional resistance to air, water and chemical permeation.

Cementitious waterproofing

Tanks and pits often require higher-grade waterproofing systems. In these applications—where high levels of waterproofing and abrasion resistance are required—our team installs durable cementitious waterproofing systems.

Pre-formed sheet membranes

Fabricated asphaltic, rubberized and plastic sheet membranes are the industry’s most typical, go-anywhere waterproofing solutions. Duron Services Ltd. trained professionals install these products in areas where other systems cannot be used. And because these membranes are engineered by some of the best manufacturers, they perform perfectly in some of the most demanding applications.

No matter the project or site condition, Duron Services Ltd. specializes in waterproofing concrete systems. Call us. We’ll get you covered.