Duron Services Ltd. was founded in 1995, and since then has continuously been providing some of the best workmanship throughout eastern Ontario. Our work can be found in all aspects of the ICI sector of construction, such as schools, stores, warehouses, hospitals, recreational centers, governmental facilities, factories, stadiums, and many more. Whether the task is to install concrete floors, waterproof buildings, or restore entire structures, Duron Services can get it done. We have the expertise to exceed all of our clients’ standards or expectations. We proudly offer our services either directly to clients, or as a unionized partner to the region’s most reputable general contractors.

Perfect Concrete Solutions

We specialize in different aspects of concrete projects. Our range of concrete services includes:

  • Concrete slabs on grade
  • Concrete slabs on deck
  • Concrete repair and/or restoration
  • Heavy duty concrete flooring
  • Steel Fiber Reinforcing
  • Ultra-flat concrete flooring/slabs
  • Heavy duty concrete flooring

Why Choose Duron Services LTD?

With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a reputation of providing some of the best services in the industry. Our reliable and efficient team allow us to take on any concrete, waterproofing, structural rehabilitation, or general contracting project.

The expertise of our team allows us to take on a large variety of projects while staying competitive in price, high in quality and properly managed.

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