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CEPEO Barrhaven | Bourgon Construction

CEPEO Barrhaven far away view, concrete project
Our amazing concrete crew pumped, placed, and finished all interior slabs, stage slabs, ramps, slabs on deck, stairs on pan and all stage stairs. These were all completed with saw cutting control joints and installed carborundum strips. All floors were also sealed in an acrylic sealer.  

John Mlacak Arena | Bradley’s Contracting

Mlacak Center far away view, concrete project
The concrete division equipped the long-standing John G. Mlacak rink with a new rink slab (approximately 15,200 SF), monolithic curb, apron slabs (2,765 SF) and header trench openings. The rink slab was finished with a dry shake hardener, densifier and when completed, produced FF40 & FL30 ratings.

IronClad Tenth Line Road | Ironclad Developments

Ironclad Profile View, concrete project
This project was done by our concrete crew at tenth line road. This was a new residential midrise building being constructed. Our concrete crew poured the entire mud slab. Approximately 10,000-12,500 Square feet.

Centre Slush Puppie | Construction GMR associés Inc.

Centre Slush Puppie Outside View, concrete project
Our concrete crew pumped, placed, and finished 4 rink slabs (roughly 16,500 SF each), 115,000 square feet of apron slabs on grade, 105,000 square feet of man concourse slabs on deck, and 10,000 square feet of seating/ bleacher slabs on deck. We completed these slabs with joint filler and installed a sika densifier within the Zamboni path.   Centre Slush Puppie Inside View Duron Services Centre Slush Puppie Front View Centre Slush Puppie Outside View