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Rideau Center Parking Garage | WSP

Rideau Center Parking Garage profile view for restoration project
Duron Services completely restored the Rideau Centre parking garage with 53,700 square feet of mastic asphalt and hot rubber membrane, 620 feet of expansion joints, trench drains, catch basins, 1,150 square feet of sidewalks with traffic topping, all new railings, 100kg+ of epoxy coated rebar, and finally over 170 square metres of concrete to the slabs, storage areas, soffits, walls, and columns.  

Claridge Icon | Claridge Homes

Claridge Icon waterproofing project, profile view
Claridge Icon received a full 2-ply hot rubberized waterproofing system to all the podium deck, terrace, and roofing areas. This amazing building is also home to some of Duron’s custom parapet work that can be seen on the terraces of the very top floors. This project will stand in Ottawa’s skyline forever as a staple of Duron’s amazing workmanship.

Centre Slush Puppie | Construction GMR associés Inc.

Centre Slush Puppie Outside View, concrete project
Our concrete crew pumped, placed, and finished 4 rink slabs (roughly 16,500 SF each), 115,000 square feet of apron slabs on grade, 105,000 square feet of man concourse slabs on deck, and 10,000 square feet of seating/ bleacher slabs on deck. We completed these slabs with joint filler and installed a sika densifier within the Zamboni path.   Centre Slush Puppie Inside View Duron Services Centre Slush Puppie Front View Centre Slush Puppie Outside View