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Greystone Village | Ron Eastern Construction Ltd.

Greystone Village front profile view, waterproofing project

This project had an abundance of Duron work done to it. All foundation walls were given full waterproofing systems; membrane, drainage board, insulation, flashing and cement board. Elevator pits, sump pits and cisterns were properly waterproofed with cementitious waterproofing. All columns, footings, and raft slabs were sealed with a silane sealer.

As for roofing, we completed all roofs across the entire building. Main roofs and podium deck were completed with a 2-ply hot rubberized roofing system, and all canopies and miscellaneous roofs were completed with a 2-ply modified bitumen roofing system.

Duron also equipped this gorgeous building with a full traffic topping system throughout all parking Garage.

99 Fifth Street | Minto Group

99 fifth front view waterproofing project
All roofing and terrace areas were given a full 2-ply hot rubberized roofing system. This includes Drains, Hot rubber membrane, tapered insulation, rigid insulation, drainage board, protection board, stone ballast, filter cloth, granular, concrete pavers,  etc. The roof parapets were completed with; wood blocking, plywood, insulation, Blueskin, Flashing, metal parapet copings, scuppers, and trims.

Claridge Icon | Claridge Homes

Claridge Icon waterproofing project, profile view
Claridge Icon received a full 2-ply hot rubberized waterproofing system to all the podium deck, terrace, and roofing areas. This amazing building is also home to some of Duron’s custom parapet work that can be seen on the terraces of the very top floors. This project will stand in Ottawa’s skyline forever as a staple of Duron’s amazing workmanship.