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Place De Ville Electrical Vault | Brookfield Property Management

Place DeVille Electrical Vault, general contracting project
The location seen in the attached image used to be several parking spots under Place de Ville. Behind those doors Duron built a new vault that was required to provide power to Ottawa’s new LRT. The project entailed, fire alarm, electrical, ventilation and a 2 hour fire separation on all sides of the vault including the ceiling. The ceiling required a special anchoring system for the electrical equipment along with a steel deck installed on the ceiling.

Marriott Hotel Vault | Campbell Kennedey

Marriott Hotel Vault Door, general contracting project

Duron was asked by Campbell Kennedey to step in when their original civil trades sub contractor backed out of their commitment.

Duron provided block walls, overhead garage doors, concrete repairs, fire rated enclosures and openings through 3 floors of the hotel and structural steel to support an exhaust stack.

Carleton Icehouse | Carleton University

Carleton Ice House front view, general contracting project
The Carleton Icehouse was equipped with many new upgrades that span across the entire building. A new EDPM roofing system was applied to the perimeter of the roof and all parapets. All around the outside of the building was updated with new drains, downspouts, localized plywood & masonry repairs, sealants, and control joints. Now this gorgeous educational landmark will be home to Duron’s fine general contracting work.